Snapdragon 850

Qualcomm unveils the Snapdragon 850, a chip designed for Windows PCs

There all day battery life can impressed by some users qualcomm unveils the Snapdragon 850, a chip designed for Windows PCs it is improved the second generation ARM powered for window 10 machines based on the 845 snapdragon is found in the androids and smartphones but the 850 it is very good working in windows 10 operating systems it won't be worked in any devices it is working with somechoseable handsets devices.Qualcomm reveals the computers performance today if that compared the 835 PCs the speed it will 30 percent boost in performance and 20 percent for the battery life the bestest representative is 850 qualcomm evail snapdragon 850 snapdragon it allow the download link with 1-2 gb sand the same eight core it will showing in the exact 10nm 354 kryo c.p.u and it is faster as 2.95 Ghz because the processor design for the windows devices that is made by the numerous partners and the most importantly the SAMSUNG is announced that it will making 2-in 1-pc powered opf the qualcomm snapdragon the snapdragon 850 is meant to made by the the bigger devices other than the smartphones.


The snapdragon 850 support HDR displays and 4k support the unboard camera while it seems ridiculous to use the laptops or computers on board 4k cameras.This qualcomm snapdragon 850 sens the best quality of videos and video conferencing sent the people with higher definition of the training videos in addition to all i will describes the all feature of the 850 snapdragon chip for last 25 hours it will depending on the use of yours computers that's 20 hours long laster that we provided the developing ideals it will be very long and consumes the battery to again and again charging process it will going to more than that 20 hours

At samsung it will understand the demands of the consumers and their unique need the aim to create the new innovation anew battery life ion their lifestyle to go on snapdragon 850 mobile computers can supports the mobile consumers fol all and users can enhance the camera the best battery life and memory power to save the almost all that they done in it
qualcomm is breakthrough the technology to how the connect from the world to computers to communications in the world wide it will invent the 5g speed to will think about the customers what they actually want from them it will improve the innovation from regarding of the daily basis of their mobile and computer need today's almost every one uses the computers and laptops and required the much more speed the bestest battery life to saving time from charging issue while their working and best camera feature for best pictures the company dded with the partners the manufacture it before the best part of collection to giving the best of the users an upcoming devices of samsung coming with the chip of snapdragon 850 processors The qualcomm 850 utilizes the X20 lte modem in additional their increased the AL a(artificial intelligent) and communication partners they believed that the 90 percent of the all operators can provides the GIgabit lte microsoft also provide the gigabit LTE so it won't be your phones it will device fot the largest devices to consumptions of more heats qualcomm doesn't make to connect your devices always that you can buut but they provide the platform to the devices OEMs to your computers devices it will also has an create for modem antennas so, that the PCs maker not known their how to make there own Intel also announced the some more advanced laptops process as it own as computex


Although the ARM is win powered from the intel to get the better performance the powered is coming with the latest and more effective efficiency of their working its very good enough for battery life hopefully it will successfully worked on our devices for better working efficiency and also be available for the searching application like browser and chrome etc.
Pricing between 200$to 300$ for tablets and 500$-600$ for the laptops therefore we recommend to buying for any ARM putting windows 10 devices until their 76 chip technology have present on their computers.