Windows 10 Bugs

Although microsoft have developing much better processor of windows 10 computers the first windows version will redesigned the counterpart users interfare this is the best looking windows and processing agents microsoft is very good to fixing of any of the bugging problem in their computers

Additionally if you were faced some problem occuring by the third party services you will wait untill the developers will sent you to noticed about the bugging errors before it fixes.


Here is the list of some top most bug issues in windows 10 and to fix them they rear to head



Turned off the force updates:

You can prevents this automatically from happening to registered a quick hacks if you were anything like us you can updrage you device only shurt down you can correct the problem you can start of searching your menu devices to gpeditor and run the group policy editors expand the computer communication and configuration to editor to manage the device it may the reason should your internet connection also some times it will not paired up your devices and it connected but not pairing and you we start searching on that time so firstly always check the internet connections some options are worked only the windows updates


 Bad localisation:

Windows 10 localisation option seems to be covulated and we've had multiple records of the incorrects localise that can you upgraded from windows 7 to windows 8 and you can try to chnage language and time or date formate too but the you will failed and not coprrect it caccording the formate and time zone of your location and region whre you it is . from start menu to region or select the region check the state were you were ans start to setting click their time zone regiopn and select the formate that you actually wanted too and if you can add the correct one then you can be remove the incorrect. you can click the back arrow and additionally take the time zone or language ans set that what yopu catually we want . if you have already done this then you can come back if you don't see either you can download it and install the Language Pack.


Can't play a DVD: 

If you want to play DVD in windows 10 for free i will tell you about the alternatives called VLC that anyone can use and still then updated still sometimes you do not have player to supporting the dvd player you can download it or install it the for free it is a very simple way to VLC will hidden to installing that VLC is the ability to playing all kind of DVD and cast the videos that you want that it can sent that the high quality of sound and much more .



Stop windows 10 using 4g data:

Some of the windows 10 PCs have present the sim card slots but they are unable to connect the connection of the windows 10 on the sim card this specifically helps when you are on move and want to your internet connection to check your mails once you can insert it sim in the manually configure it from the setting .