Irritating Windows 10 installation Issues

Microsoft tell that 110 million or more PCs run windows 10 you have no doubts to either with you upgrades or with those of your colleagues family , relatives windows 10,it will making more vulnerable to installation or downloading the mistakes glitches and hardware errors some of the most commonly encountered the problems when upgrading or installation of the windows 10 in your computers its get more frustrating when upgrading or downloading process won't get smoothly if your window get stuck while on downloading some users always complaint the issues here are some glaring annoyances in the windows 10 Whether the it's screen flashing even not being able to connect to the internet or the battery draining too quickly now its time to resolve the problem that actually will appearing on your computers while upgrading new windows .


Incompatible hardware:

The method drivers to whose update the windows 10 because in that way it tough task to describes the hardware or software disk compatible from the windows 10 upgrading computers not to the great but i will know more people to get using the same hardware but if everyone's win the same situation to regardless of their hardwares i got this working hopefully provides you the flaming answers of that you were required for completing the problem that would you actually faced it windows will start that would be missing the graphics drivers and updates still failed if your computer have processors with the speeds of 1GZ ram talling less than 1 GB or 2 Gb or bil 32 and 62 you have mind it the actual bit and fix accurate RAM system in your processors



Error codes:

Sometimes during the windows installation process different different error codes are start showing in your computers screens due to the opening the files in any other folders on that time the program is stops and show the error codes there are hundreds of error codes are available in their computers but note down the error code and get resolving the issue finding the answers on accurate website some of error code resolving problems are there present

a: unplugged the unnecessary devices from the computers you should plug the cpu mouse and keyboard to you computer removes the doggles the external devices and than start the upgrading process
b: for your desktops just removes the external hardware internet connections and use the secondary drives of internet to connect your computers devices to removal the bugging agents
c:you start upgrading your computers just removes the unwanted programmes from your computers and start installation of anti viruses and the some important apps like games controllers to get the more trouble during the downloading process and get your computer working properly


d:you just start deleting the alternative files that stored in your devices but files not the programmes so start the process and install the windows that you actually get want .

Flashing screens:


At the time of working your screen get flashing its due to likely anti viruses or and any kind of apps are present in your folders that we the reason to cause that problems you can just update or reinstall if the reasons of antiviruses files you can installed it and start up again to stop the flashing screens sometimes it not taken the load of the apps that you want try to install it windows 10 is automatically working to upgrades your devices and forcing the incompatible apps to you .touchpads is not working in windows 10 :it may the result of drives is out of dates this may be happens after the software updates on the time you can correct your touchpad you can connect your computer for external mouse so you are able to completely solve your problems

a:start the start button and go to settings choose the mouse or touchpad option and select it from the help of external mouse then select the mouse or touchpad and go to mouse option that show it is unavailable on some laptops you should drives the option that the present here now able to see the touchpad is able or unable to see if you are not sure about the button you get the help of manufactured the laptops process.

Problem with sound audio and video devices:


this is one of the most common issue that faced the upgrading windows 10 users the hear problem is more about the loosy drives sometimes the problems that appears untill you have rebooted the machines and microsoft is allowed to wype the microsoft devices for stabling the computers

Snapdragon 850

Qualcomm unveils the Snapdragon 850, a chip designed for Windows PCs

There all day battery life can impressed by some users qualcomm unveils the Snapdragon 850, a chip designed for Windows PCs it is improved the second generation ARM powered for window 10 machines based on the 845 snapdragon is found in the androids and smartphones but the 850 it is very good working in windows 10 operating systems it won't be worked in any devices it is working with somechoseable handsets devices.Qualcomm reveals the computers performance today if that compared the 835 PCs the speed it will 30 percent boost in performance and 20 percent for the battery life the bestest representative is 850 qualcomm evail snapdragon 850 snapdragon it allow the download link with 1-2 gb sand the same eight core it will showing in the exact 10nm 354 kryo c.p.u and it is faster as 2.95 Ghz because the processor design for the windows devices that is made by the numerous partners and the most importantly the SAMSUNG is announced that it will making 2-in 1-pc powered opf the qualcomm snapdragon the snapdragon 850 is meant to made by the the bigger devices other than the smartphones.


The snapdragon 850 support HDR displays and 4k support the unboard camera while it seems ridiculous to use the laptops or computers on board 4k cameras.This qualcomm snapdragon 850 sens the best quality of videos and video conferencing sent the people with higher definition of the training videos in addition to all i will describes the all feature of the 850 snapdragon chip for last 25 hours it will depending on the use of yours computers that's 20 hours long laster that we provided the developing ideals it will be very long and consumes the battery to again and again charging process it will going to more than that 20 hours

At samsung it will understand the demands of the consumers and their unique need the aim to create the new innovation anew battery life ion their lifestyle to go on snapdragon 850 mobile computers can supports the mobile consumers fol all and users can enhance the camera the best battery life and memory power to save the almost all that they done in it
qualcomm is breakthrough the technology to how the connect from the world to computers to communications in the world wide it will invent the 5g speed to will think about the customers what they actually want from them it will improve the innovation from regarding of the daily basis of their mobile and computer need today's almost every one uses the computers and laptops and required the much more speed the bestest battery life to saving time from charging issue while their working and best camera feature for best pictures the company dded with the partners the manufacture it before the best part of collection to giving the best of the users an upcoming devices of samsung coming with the chip of snapdragon 850 processors The qualcomm 850 utilizes the X20 lte modem in additional their increased the AL a(artificial intelligent) and communication partners they believed that the 90 percent of the all operators can provides the GIgabit lte microsoft also provide the gigabit LTE so it won't be your phones it will device fot the largest devices to consumptions of more heats qualcomm doesn't make to connect your devices always that you can buut but they provide the platform to the devices OEMs to your computers devices it will also has an create for modem antennas so, that the PCs maker not known their how to make there own Intel also announced the some more advanced laptops process as it own as computex


Although the ARM is win powered from the intel to get the better performance the powered is coming with the latest and more effective efficiency of their working its very good enough for battery life hopefully it will successfully worked on our devices for better working efficiency and also be available for the searching application like browser and chrome etc.
Pricing between 200$to 300$ for tablets and 500$-600$ for the laptops therefore we recommend to buying for any ARM putting windows 10 devices until their 76 chip technology have present on their computers.

Retro Video Games on Your Windows PC

How To Play Your Favorite Retro Video Games on Your Windows PC

The retro gaming is old and the classic games it playing and collecting for the older personal computers consoles and arcades this is the retro gaming .The retro games are involves the evolution games VR irritation and play with play stations however with last year old consoles are made it new for the playing ate some traffic games the includes in the nintendo SNES classic mini and the saga mega drive the Flashback HD both of which you bought the its clear to playing the retro games in very good demands
Some of the best video games we ever the seen it like retro video games and some thousand of game we made we just can't imagine it they were made for the system that used the cartridges and the PCs systems PCs have been decades the PCs cartridges the advanced structures made for the game plying developed high CPU latest windows versions you can download your retro game easily but the PCs can't run it very quickly it will not supporting without taking the settings to will allow to game in your system but those benefits apply the games can only takes advantages for them Now, a days the hardware is so advanced but can't take the games easily to be play


Before we start to taking about the downloadable ROMs you should know the few things about the ROM .Rom are of two types Firstly Homebrew and official games  Homebrew is the main software that created by the retro gaming system or it designs to run on a given emulators after they have converted the digital files in your computers generally the rules of ethics that comes to play the gaming on the computers you can download its the real copy of the ROM believes this is not the right of the actually gaming downloading to games users.

There is a whole field of new games system designed from the playing of the old games the few things is too how the emulators will start working it was not starting to simply installations the way to others windows too.there is a simple way the emulators ares showing too much complications all this in the systems It is tough to play the retro video games in the devices you have to download the adobe flash retro video games

In retro gaming has main three activities:

The vintages retrogaming , retro gaming emulators , ported retrogaming that activities will depend on to playing the retro windows games Vintage retrogaming is involves the hardware cartridges and disc the hardware collecting includes decades.



Wherever you have lovers to playing the games and try to play the most traffic and advance games we have the video games that are you looking for we pride ourself to looking for the such kind of retro games The NES is classic back the games with advance windows version on their shore slaves if you want true retro gaming experience you want to use the original consoles and very thankfully you can make their very grateful while on playing it

Useful Windows Programs

Top Incredibly Useful Windows Programs

Windows have given most of the wonderfull programm that we protect outr computers from the viruses and save the dtata for corruptiob even it is more valuable information given by microsoft the data that you saved in it its protect with the help of the password with different different aps you get the quick summary of the systems so, you need to add more memory to your system on you can nmany different SSD or chips are avialbles in markets you will find that capiciesties want you required some apps are essential and you know their names very well like the firefox, VLC and much more



Mozilla firefox is a popular web browser is available on varieties of platforms mozilla firefox is a fast and speedy web browsers firefox including pop up blocking integrated googles services simply privacy controlled and the streamlined powered windows that shows on more windows pages than any other browsers experience a smart. uncomplicated screen shots will take on fire fox directly you can share it directly in firefox . view your article videos and music in any of the pages and in which there no need to install or download any games you can play it in the firefox directly


VlC media is more stable to play music download video is the most stable especially when compare to others that we play usually downloading and use for the listen music and video this is flexible and lightweight devices it is also useful to view the downloading files that it can be play incomplete files of media players it get also offer superb media players with some of the integrated companies . VLC media players is a support of great hotkeys you take sometimes to learn shortcuts of the media players it is very simple and best media application for the windows and the Mac you can use it to converted files and streamlined protocols and tv captured card were also be supported .


Malware bytes:

Malware bytes is anti malwares for the windows and the systems malwarebytes is comparative for the cybersecurity program you can play shop and utilise it with the peace of minds protect you from the advantages threats including randosware so you can suffers the web without taken worries in malwarebytes protect from the spammers if your malware detect the viruses it will start the alerting you it has a real time protections you will need to save your malware its upto 25% faster quick scanners while using clearing or scanning of computer you have to free your malware bytes completely this will ensure your computer from anti viruses and virus free your computers


sandboxies is sand box isolating programm developing for sophos windows 32 bit or 64 bit NTE(network termination equipment) baseds operating system  which prevents them for changing the other programm and datas from your computers it has enhance privacy for the browsers history , cookies and caches temporary files .it prevents wear and tear while installing the softwares into a isolated sandboxie viruses and other malwares that we hissing in your emails can't breakout of the sandbox and saved or can't infect your real systems sand box is very useful software for running programs in a safe environments when it can not do the harm of the important and the precise documents that you want to be saved and prevented for the corruptions

Video convertors:

video makers is a premium ultimate level of safe video converters it will supported all converters and rare non- protecting formatting also includes MP4 MP3 3GP etc. and much more sides imports photos and files to turns media videos transferred media to videos at once.any media converted is designed from a free cost and fast video will converts to save your time and cost .total video converted is very good quality .


Piriform is the ninty little information utility. its mission is to collect the information about your hardware and performance than it offers by the windows it even latst version it will even displayes the tempurature of the compatible hardware some of the basic information can be used by the right clicking by my computers and their properties but it misses out the losts of information that you want.


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Windows 10 Bugs

Although microsoft have developing much better processor of windows 10 computers the first windows version will redesigned the counterpart users interfare this is the best looking windows and processing agents microsoft is very good to fixing of any of the bugging problem in their computers

Additionally if you were faced some problem occuring by the third party services you will wait untill the developers will sent you to noticed about the bugging errors before it fixes.


Here is the list of some top most bug issues in windows 10 and to fix them they rear to head



Turned off the force updates:

You can prevents this automatically from happening to registered a quick hacks if you were anything like us you can updrage you device only shurt down you can correct the problem you can start of searching your menu devices to gpeditor and run the group policy editors expand the computer communication and configuration to editor to manage the device it may the reason should your internet connection also some times it will not paired up your devices and it connected but not pairing and you we start searching on that time so firstly always check the internet connections some options are worked only the windows updates


 Bad localisation:

Windows 10 localisation option seems to be covulated and we've had multiple records of the incorrects localise that can you upgraded from windows 7 to windows 8 and you can try to chnage language and time or date formate too but the you will failed and not coprrect it caccording the formate and time zone of your location and region whre you it is . from start menu to region or select the region check the state were you were ans start to setting click their time zone regiopn and select the formate that you actually wanted too and if you can add the correct one then you can be remove the incorrect. you can click the back arrow and additionally take the time zone or language ans set that what yopu catually we want . if you have already done this then you can come back if you don't see either you can download it and install the Language Pack.


Can't play a DVD: 

If you want to play DVD in windows 10 for free i will tell you about the alternatives called VLC that anyone can use and still then updated still sometimes you do not have player to supporting the dvd player you can download it or install it the for free it is a very simple way to VLC will hidden to installing that VLC is the ability to playing all kind of DVD and cast the videos that you want that it can sent that the high quality of sound and much more .



Stop windows 10 using 4g data:

Some of the windows 10 PCs have present the sim card slots but they are unable to connect the connection of the windows 10 on the sim card this specifically helps when you are on move and want to your internet connection to check your mails once you can insert it sim in the manually configure it from the setting .

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